About Us

Careerschool HR Solutions is a growing HR Management and Training Consultancy providing professional HR consulting & Recruitment services ranging from placement of individual candidates to providing a fully outsourced human resources function to small, medium and larger organizations.

Careerschool identifies prospective candidates for all positions across levels in an organization, who can easily buy in to the goals of the organization and also adapt themselves with the culture of the organization.

We start with extensive and complete understanding of our clients. This means in-depth study of the organization from a holistic prospective including their culture, values, business model and strategic goals. We associate closely with our clients, helping to define what they need in and the talent who will shape the role to active the enterprise growth aspirations.

We focus on candidate’s career as well as client’s growth. We create a sense of inquisitiveness in a candidate by highlighting how the candidate will be benefited by joining an organization and give the candidate a detailed brief about the role we are processing him/her for. We give them insight on how the jobs are relevant to their experience and tell them which aspects of their resume make them a fit.